Honor 6 does not turn off, hangs? recommendations


Honor 6 does not turn off, hangs? recommendations

Mobile devices though simple, though popular, have a tendency to hang sooner or later, it happens to different prichinam.V this article we will discuss why the Honor 6 is not turned on, turned off, or hangs. 

In the article there is a list of recommendations, the implementation of which will help you to return your mobile device to the old life.

Honor 6 is not activated, deactivated or hangs. Recommendation.

Honor 6 does not turn off, hangs? recommendations

The reasons can be many:

  • The battery is discharged below a predetermined level – regularly discharge the battery to almost 0 and charge completely, eksplatiruyte device at a temperature below -10, so it last longer
  • Charger connector is damaged device – try to charge the battery of another charger if the charging is successful, it means that the first charger connector is damaged;
  • Failure in the software (a rarity for Unix systems, which include the Android, but failure could provoke an application) – do a hard reset Hard Reset / Wipe Data;
  • Water entering on chip random bathing apparatus – 6 Honor put in alcohol, and then pull the dryer dry or take them directly to a service center;
  • Strikes the wall, the floor, trying to open a beer bottle phone – take your phone to a service center or buy a new one.

From what can not be switched on and hang your phone. Video.

Because of which Honor 6 blinking and does not turn on?

If your phone blinking and does not turn, it is possible that the power button is defective, try to take the unit to a service center.

Author: Nikonov Zoe.