Yezz Andy 4EL2 LTE how to know IMEI

Yezz Andy 4EL2 LTE How to show IMEI

Do not know as the IMEI to learn Yezz Andy 4EL2 LTE? When buying a smartphone or tablet for a used, check the IMEI, so as not to become a buyer of stolen mobile device.

IMEI – the unique identification number of your mobile device you via that identifies the mobile operator. To display the IMEI on your phone screen Android uses special engineering codes.

Yezz Andy 4EL2 LTE How to know IMEI

Yezz Andy 4EL2 LTE How to show IMEI
  • Dial the number * # 06 # and pressing the call button, you will see your IMEI;
  • If you have a device with a removable battery you can pull it out and see the IMEI;
  • IMEI can be viewed on a mobile device carton;
  • visit at "settings" – "About phone" – "Identificational phone code". 

Engineering Codes Android

With the help of these codes you can customize your Android smartphone or tablet with a single command.

There are 3 types of engineering codes on Android:

  •     information
  •     Test codes
  •     functional

Read more about the engineering codes you can click here.

Prepared by: Nesterov Roman.