Features root access

Features root access

This article will tell Root rights on the possibilities on Android devices

What is Root

Under Linux (Android refers to the medium) root rights – this account with elevated privileges on the system. In other words it is the superuser, which may change, edit or delete system and any other files.

There are three kinds Root rights:

  • Full – full access to all features of the root;
  • Shell – a change in the System folder is not available;
  • Temporary – full access to all files until you restart your mobile device.


Features root access

  • Install custom firmware;
  • Delete any applications, including system;
  • Removing commercials from the application;
  • Change and hides the menu;
  • Changing the icons;
  • Changing the notification bar;
  • Action Automation;
  • Installing alternative firmware CyanogenMod, ParanoidAndroid, MIUI and others;
  • capture video display device;
  • And other features

And also you have the option to back up data. This article lists only a small part of the real opportunities that are presented to the user with root privileges.

How to root Android OS

Get root by using computer programs, for example using Rootkhp Pro or by APK application on Android. The first option is much more functional. In some cases not enough to have only the APK application, for example, when you need to unlock the Bootloader.